Hugo González Labrador

From 2015 to 2018 has been performing the following functions : Research assistent, Student, Collaborating Researcher, MEC collaborator,

Email : contact@hugo.labkode
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  • Title: Testing storage and metadata backends with ClawIO
    Year: 2016
    Editorial: On-line []
    Conference Name: CS3: Cloud Services for Synchronisation and Sharing
    Organizer: ETH Zürich
    Type: Conference Contributions
    Authors: Arno Formella, Hugo González Labrador

  • Title: CERNBox: Petabyte-Scale Cloud Synchronization and Sharing Platform
    Year: 2016
    Editorial: Universidade De Vigo [EI 15/16-029]
    Type: Bachelor's Thesis
    Authors: Hugo González Labrador